Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Paints

Our ears are not new to the news of global warming. We know it is increasing rapidly but what if we say you can play a small role on reducing it by using eco-friendly paints while having your own benefits? It is not just beneficial for the environment but for you and your family’s health as well. Some of the notable ones in Nepal are:

  1. Eco-friendly paints contain zero to very low percentage of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) making it safer to use as the residue it leaves behind are recyclable as well as bio-degradable unlike the ones with higher level of VOC. This does not pose any threats to the environment.
  2. Lower VOC in paint makes you and your family less exposed to health risks because that type of paints does not release any kind of hazardous emissions unlike the old wall paints that releases chemicals in the air affecting the overall health of whoever that comes in contact of that air. In Nepal, the old walls are covered in old type of paints and just the scraping of it can be harmful. Imagine how the new coat can affect you.
  3. Eco-friendly paints can be a bit expensive compared to the chemical based one. However, it is cost-effective in long term as these advanced paints are qualitative with better color retention, greater viscosity, long lasting, and fights with different weather condition. It also saves you from hospital visits and costs you a bit more in the beginning but these strong paints saves a lot more as you also will not need to paint again and again in short period of time. And in Nepal, we like to paint mostly when paints starts to wear down or when there is a big event in the house.
  4. As the eco-friendly paints are non-toxic with no chemicals, it produces less waste and decreases the volume of carbon footprint helping you to keep you, your family, as well as environment safe and healthy. It also does not emit harmful emissions during the production process as well as while using it.

This is how, opting for eco friendly paints, you can save the environment while adding the beauty to your home or workplace in a safest and healthiest way because don’t they say – “Health is wealth”? And the bonus is, it is long lasting and comes with so many benefits leaving no reason to not use it.

Author, Adam Lees is living in United States. Adam Lees is part of our authors community.

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